Back when I was a kid (a long time ago now!) I was very involved with the ROM hacking scene. The fact that anyone could take a game in Japanese and transform it into English was incredible to me. Although I lacked the aptitude for it myself, I remained a long-time fan of these translation projects, and was able to play a ton of great games that never made it to the UK.

I spent a lot of effort trying to understand how to accomplish a game translation myself, however most games required extensive editing of the game's code which made this very challenging for someone that didn't know how to code themselves. One particular attempt involved trying to get a variable width font into a SNES game that I enjoyed playing despite the language barrier. It was at this time that I somehow got into contact with ChrisRPG.

We only spoke briefly, but he was very kind and helpful, and took time out of his day to help me. I never did manage to translate that game, but I greatly appreciated him having an interest in getting me started. A lot of the ROM hacking scene can be difficult to be a part of. There's lots of strong personalities, lots of kids making demands of people (I was one of them, to my shame!). So for ChrisRPG to spend his time helping me was pretty huge to me.

I didn't know about his serious health issues at the time, it was only after news of his death came out that I realised what he must have been going through during that period of contact with me. He was bedridden a lot of the time, and relied on community donations to get hardware to continue his own translation projects. The news came out in October 2007, I was in shock. It hadn't been that long since I last spoke to him.

It's very easy to forget things like this, especially when they're painful. Although I didn't know him very well, I followed him closely and really looked up to him. As we're approaching another anniversary of his death, I thought I'd write this, so that I don't forget so easily my brief encounter with him.