Organised indifference

I wonder why so many companies have absolutely no interest in the morale of their employees?

Literally every dev company I've worked for has had this issue. The developers that actually code instead of just talking about coding (Junior through to Senior) always feel that no-one listens to them or takes them seriously.

There seems to be a predictable cycle to a developer's state of mind too:

Maybe that's just the nature of organised development. The ones that stick around in one company for years are usually the kind of people that have a family and a mortgage and all the usual things that require stable income.

I'm not that kind of person. If I hate my job, then I leave. Simple.

It's becoming increasingly clear to me in this regard that classical employment isn't for me. I've worked at startups, medium sized companies, huge companies, and they're all the same. Full of unhappy developers like me, and middle management that are at best utterly incompetent and at worst actively hostile (I've experienced a blissful combination of this recently).

I think 17 year old me had it right. Work for yourself, forget all of that bullshit, and do what's best for you.