In software development, there seems to be a distinct disregard for the wellbeing of developers.

Maybe it stems from the fact that fundamentally unskilled middle management don't actually understand what developers do all day. I can imagine that to them, they just see a bunch of glorified IT people typing into a word processor all day. It probably doesn't seem like hard work to them, so maybe they look down on us for that reason.

I think they also don't understand the kind of personality types that are attracted to development jobs. Whilst you can't shoehorn every developer into the same category, a lot of us don't tend to appreciate being put into stressful situations, or being forced to work overtime or to do grunt work. We've worked hard to get where we are, we're skilled and passionate workers, but often it feels like we're incredibly undervalued within the company at large.

Take the gaming industry as an example - notoriously one of the absolute worst industries in terms of how they treat developers. Developers routinely get fired with no notice in this industry, just because the studios themselves don't want to pay for developers to not work on a game (apparently there's periods of downtime for each studio while they come up with more concepts). If this practice was applied to another industry like retail there would be a public outcry. Yet as developers we just grit our teeth and move on.

I honestly feel that developers should come together and unionize. We can't keep being treated badly by the companies we work for, or made to feel like we're doing something wrong just because middle management don't understand us (or don't even want to).